Monday, 14 April 2014

Sister Magic - Hope book Review

Book Title: Sister Magic, Mabel on the move
Author: Anne Mazer
Reviewer: (Hope Class 4)
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(It's a long ride to the beach town where her cousin live, but Mabel always loves a car trip. She's a champion packer, prepared for any emergency. But nothing could prepare her for what happened when her family meets up with Zoe and Mya. Mabel's cousin are the first people who see violet for what she really is and, for the first time, Mabel's biggest worry isn't keeping violet's secret under wraps. It's what her cousin see in her.)
Mabel, 8 years old, Neatly packed suitcase, Quiet and patients

Violet, 5 years old, suitcase won't close, inpatients 
(Violet went missing and Mabel was worried were she would be. Read more about this book to see what happens to Mabel and Violets)

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