Monday, 31 March 2014

Shaynes Book Review on Superman Super-Villain ShowDown

Book Title: Superman Super-Villain ShowDown
Author: Paul Kupperberg
Reviewer: Shayne B Class 4
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The book is about superman and some Intergalactic Peacekeepers have come from some other planet, they were chasing one of the baddest people on there earth Terra-Man & soon The Man of Steel was to have a showdown #Fight with the big Giant Terra-Man. Superman wanting to find peace for the earth & not war. The book starts off with him having a day out in the desert then sees Meteors but actually cars coming down towards the earth then he quickly jumps out of his suit & tie to his superman attire & finds out they are the Peacekeepers.

Excerpt: Ill always be there, not the powers. Not the cape. But standing up for justice to the world

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HelenS, Suzanne Collins, science fiction, oppression, challenge, advanced, 5 stars

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