Thursday, 23 January 2014

Book Title: A Handful of Blue
Author: Vince Ford
Reviewer: Helen S
Grand total of books read this year: 3
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Review of the book:
Jeremy lives on his family's farm right beside the beach on the East Coast. There has been a drought and things on the farm aren't going very well. They might even be forced to sell by the bank. Jeremy doesn't seem to be helping much either as he keeps mucking up and making things worse.

I really liked this book as it gives a real taste of rural New Zealand life. The characters are very real with strengths and weaknesses. The dramas draw the reader in as one thing after another go wrong, and you are left hoping things will pick up and change for the better. But amongst the drama the author has included humour and wit to make this a really good read.
I would recommend this book for others to read.


"I gingerly put the kina into my mouth and squished it with my tongue. It was soft and gooey. I didn't have to bite, I could just suck it down. The kina was creamy but had the bitter salty taste of the sea. It was strange, unlike anything I'd tasted before."

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